CEO Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa Health Care Commission (KPHCC) Sqn.Ldr (Retd) Aazar Sardar met Director General (DG) Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC) Ms Ismat Gul Khattak to discuss the current condition of the medical labs in the province and to evolve a strategy to improve the working standards of the labs for better healthcare services in KP.  Mr Ateeq ur Rehman Director Medical laboratories attended the meeting. It is further added that the road map to improve the services through introduction/ implementation of international standards was also discussed.

DG PNAC emphasized on the need to introduce international standard for medical laboratories (ISO 15189) for accreditation by PNAC.  It is worth mentioning that ISO 15189 is the only standard applicable for the accreditation of medical laboratories worldwide.  As a first step; an introductory seminar is being arranged in Peshawar in the 1st week of Jan 2018, by PNAC in collaboration with KPHCC, followed by a series of trainings, seminars and workshop for health care in other major cities.