Awareness Seminar at Faisalabad on 23 Nov 2018 with collaboration of Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industries and PNAC

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ILAC has created a series of promotional materials to promote awareness and understanding of accreditation.


The ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement promotional-brochures-ILAC_MRA Report_2016 promotional-brochures-Route_to_Signing Accreditation: Facilitating World Trade
The ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement ILAC MRA Annual Report 2016 The route to signing the IAF or ILAC Arrangements Accreditation: Facilitating world trade
promotional-brochures-Supporting_safe_food.jpg promotional-brochures-Supporting the Delivery of Health WAD2016
Accreditation: Supporting safe food and clean drinking water Accreditation: Delivering confidence in the provision of energy Accreditation: Supporting the Delivery of Health and Social Care Accreditation: A global tool to support Public Policy
Accreditation: Delivering confidence in construction and the built environment

Accredited Laboratories, Inspection Bodies and Reference Material Producers

The advantages of being Accredited ISO 15189 Medical Laboratory Accreditation Benefits for Laboratories participating in Proficiency Testing Programs Why become an accredited inspection body?
Why become an accredited reference material producer?

Specifying Accreditation

promotional-brochures-Specifying_accreditation_and_the_ILAC_MRA promotional-brochures-Why_use_an_acc_lab promotional-brochures-How_does_using_benefit promotional-brochures-Accreditation-or-Certification
Factsheet – Specifying accreditation in Regulation Why use an Accredited Laboratory? How does using an Accredited Laboratory benefit Government and Regulators? Securing testing, measurement or calibration services – The difference between accreditation and certification
promotional-brochures-Recommended-Guide-for-Communicating-with-Regulators.jpg promotional-brochures-Why_use_a_AIB_medium_res promotional-brochures-ILAC-IAF-ISO-9001
Recommended guide for engaging with Government & Regulators Why use an Accredited Inspection Body? How does accredited inspection benefit government and regulators? How do I gain confidence in an Inspection Body? Do they need ISO 9001 certification or ISO/IEC 17020 accreditation?