Medical Labs Accreditation;

Accreditation is the single most important approach for improving the quality & competence of Medical labs. Accreditation of Medical labs in accordance with ISO 15189 standards is the only means to assure credibility of such labs. Through accreditation the lab demonstrates that it produces valid results as per requirements of the ISO 15189 standard. The credibility of accredited lab adds benefits to the patients, pathologists and the doctors. It also contributes immensely towards improvement of overall health care system. Benefits of Medical Labs Accreditation with PNAC

  • Enhances the competence & performance capabilities of the Medical labs
  • Builds the confidence of the customers in the services provided by the Medical Labs
  • Creates an environment of healthy competition and enhances the overall socio-economic development of the Nation
  • Provides competitiveness to health care unit to benchmark with the best

Who can be accredited?

Medical Labs that examine the materials derived from the human body for the purpose of providing information for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases covering all aspects of laboratory investigation including the interpretation of results and advice on further appropriate investigations like:

Molecular biological Lab Microbiological Lab Immunological Lab
Virological Lab Histopathological Lab Hematological Lab
Clinical Chemistry Lab
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Application for Medical Labsword-doc-icon
Agreement between PNAC & Lab.word-doc-icon
Applicants Guide for medical labsword-doc-icon
Fee Schedule for labsword-doc-icon-pdf
General criteria for medical labsword-doc-icon-pdf
Specific criteria for clinical chemistry labword-doc-icon-pdf
Specific criteria for haematology sectionword-doc-icon-pdf
Specific criteria for histopathology sectionword-doc-icon-pdf
Specific criteria for immunology sectionword-doc-icon-pdf
Specific criteria for microbiology sectionword-doc-icon-pdf
Specific criteria for molecular biology sectionword-doc-icon-pdf
Specific criteria for virology sectionword-doc-icon-pdf
Guidance on use of Accreditation Markword-doc-icon-pdf
Cross Frontier Policy of PNACword-doc-icon-pdf